Pool Hashrate: 210.95 GH/s Workers: 17 Server Load: low BTC-e: 1 TRC = 5.0E-5 BTC
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Terracoin Pool

If you are a new user please create an account. Then click "Getting Started" for instructions.

terracoin.redpoint.ro has a 0% fee and is using a PPLNS (Pay-Per-Last-N-Shares) reward system.
* 0.0005 TRC per payout transaction is required by terracoin client.

Automatic payouts are processed every half hour.

After registration, point a miner to this pool on port number 9323.

If you are using cgminer:
cgminer -o http://terracoin.redpoint.ro:9323 -u username.1 -p x

Mar 05: IP changed moved pool to a new server
Dec 17: Lost old server During a migration process done by our provider, they lost all our server files (including server backups!). Unfortunately we had no external recent backups. We were forced to use an old backup and to initiate a brand new TRC wallet on our server. More th
May 06: Server moved to a new provider . Connection issues may arise during this migration process.
Apr 26: Stratum with variable difficulty added today. Please use a stratum enabled miner to take advantage of this new feature.
Apr 18: First block found by philips
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